Talking Communities is a web-based conference room. Lynn Terry uses it for her SSWT Webinars.

I'd been having trouble logging in to Lynn's webinars for the last couple weeks, and now that her new group is forming, I wanted to be sure I could attend the Webinars. So it was time to finally address this issue head-on.

I was having difficulty getting the software to work properly on my machine, and I was unable to login or even get the login screen to appear.

I wrote to tech support (on Monday) and received an answer (on Tuesday) that did not resolve the issue.

They provide a phone number on their site, so I gave tech support a call. That was on Wednesday. I was told to leave a message and I did so. I mentioned that I had a conference to be on the next day. I called again and left another message on the "Sales" line.

I received three calls yesterday, the same day, Wednesday. One from the original tech support agent (Clyde), one from the software manager (Steve), and one from the owner & CEO (George).

George and Steve stayed on the phone with me for two hours while we went through every possible scenario as to why this was giving me trouble. They were concerned that others might be having the same problem. Finally, we found it. It turned out to be a corrupt Microsoft Windows dynamic link library file (.dll) and it had required using their special debug tools to discover this.

How's that for tech support, eh?

Now the software works fine, and I'll see you on the next webinar!