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    I just went into Facebook today and checked my privacy settings. It is starting to feel more and more that there really is no such thing as privacy. Their new mandatory public info is still too much information.

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    I have mixed feelings about Facebook these days.

    Let me first say I had no 'business' intent when I joined Facebook. (I still don't to be quite honest) - I saw it as a social tool to stay in touch with old and current friends and I believe that is the way that it works best. (I do love the fan feature and do find that highly beneficial - so I do see business involvement as a bad thing in any way)

    When Fb opened up, I gladly left Myspace and all the junk and glitter and glam that went with that site. I liked FB because it had a clean, simple interface.

    Ironically the things I loved most about FB are now the things that annoy me most. I love being able to post a status update once and have all four hundred and something friends see it without me having to send it either a) individually or b) group email. However, like many others, I've grown increasingly tired of all the social apps and games and how FB updates me everytime you make progress. I really don't care that you're a farmer, vampire, 5th level warlock cheerleader with a lair on the fifth level of Hades.(sorry, I really don't) Up to this point, I've just blocked applications that I don't want to know about...but gosh for every one I block 5 more come around.

    Well this force me to quit FB? Not likely. I still have four hundred and some friends that I keep in touch with through this format. Will I stay on top of privacy concerns and make sure to protect information that I do not want shared? You bet!



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