I found this Forum very useful, learned lots of SEO tips from here, as i was not so good in SEO, But now progressing.

Anyhow, there was a PPC Summit in Chicago. I found many useful tips from there and thought to share with you people. Add more things in that so that newcomers can get advantage.

Avoiding PPC Mistakes..'THE CHECKLIST'

> Defining your Goals & Objectives
> Understanding your Market - "The Battlefield"
>Understanding you - your unique selling proposition
>Comprehensive Keyword Strategy
>Utilizing Geo-Targeting
>Employing Profitable Bidding Strategies.
>Designing the Best Account Architecture
>Utilizing Ad Scheduling
>Optimizing Campaign Budgeting
>Testing Long Versus Short Copy
> Writing Copy that converts
>Landing Page Layout

and last but not the least

>Maximize your conversion with Landing Page Testing.

Add More if you thing is missing......