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Thread: Need help please - making a web header using GIMP

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    I can't help you with GIMP coz I can't figure it out.


    You can download a specialised header graphics software tool from Paul smithson right here

    and for general graphics I use Paint from

    Both of these are super, they're fun and they're free!

    Woo Hoo!!


    Hey it's Christmas!!

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    This is the graphic program I use as well, for the same reasons.

    GIMP is a rather difficult and touchy program, but it serves its purpose.

    If you want the basics on how to create a web banner, I found this video to be pretty helpful. There's no sound, but it shows the process step by step. It's rather fast, so starting and stopping (and reviewing) may be necessary.

    Any time I create or manipulate a new graphic in GIMP it takes awhile because it's not intuitive. It is powerful however. Practice makes perfect.

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    GIMP has a huge learning curve, I've always used Fireworks to do my graphics and I cannot find my way around GIMP at all. I end up with a mess, so I've just been outsourcing my graphics since my laptop (aka the graphic making computer) crashed and died.

    There are some tutorials out there for GIMP and it can do awesome things once you get the hang of it, but you might just rip your hair out in the process.

    Here's two other freebie graphics programs I've used that might be a little easier to work with for you though...


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    Shelle, I'm not saying this just because this is what I do all day, but because it will save you time and frustration; have you thought of outsourcing this to a professional?

    Can't help you with Gimp I'm afraid but I'd be happy to help you with your header.
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    If you got to YouTube there are quite a few Gimp tutorials on there as well.

    I love Gimp too and used it to create so many graphics over the years.


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