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    I would just like a bit of feedback for my website. I'm open to any suggestions so please, don't hold back. Tell me your likes, dislikes, what you would change and what you would keep. Go ahead, tell me what you think!

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    The design looks great and is very in-keeping with the Disney theme.

    I personally dislike sales letters and think their efficacy is diminishing. I would suggest you put a video at the top of the sales letter telling people what you are offering and what they should do. With you on camera interlinked with a few good photos or video footage of the kind of dining experience they will enjoy I think it would be more appealing. Then those who don't like sales letters can miss out the rest but those who prefer reading can ignore the video.

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    When I am trying to get through a long sales letter I like to see a video or two but I also like to see images that help get the point across. Remember a picture can say a thousand words and they help break up the huge amounts of text.

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    Disclaimer: I'm not an attorney

    But I'm wondering if you have a copyright infringement issue here - isn't that Disney logo in your header and ebook cover is trademarked. This may apply to some of the other content as well.

    I like the look of your page - very much. I did notice that when I clicked on the items in your footer, I could not use the back arrow to get back to your page to order the book. That might cause some lost sales.


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