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Thread: Start to Profit? Eek...

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    I try to stay productive all the time but it really helps knowing that someone is waiting for the finished product- whether it's a coach or an accountability partner.
    That totally makes me WORSE!! Really - if I tell you I'll have it by Friday, just forget it - it's gonna be next Wednesday or worse.... Because as soon as I start being late, then I feel bad that I'm late, and procrastinate more! So it's this huge snowball effect. But telling someone WHEN it will happen screws me up EVERY SINGLE TIME - whether it's work or just 'life stuff'.

    Now if I hadn't said ANYTHING to you, I will more than likely get it to you BEFORE Friday.

    Gawd, I'm a mess. LOL

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    I doubt anybody here has gone through more diversions and project evolutions than I have. But Lynn's "start to profit" mantra is arguably the best advise she gives. I think if you really intend to pursue IM as a serious business, you must develop some strict business methods and always adhere to them. It's so easy to wander when you don't have anyone looking over your shoulder expecting results. Still, you're probably not running a real business until you can work that way. I think Lynn is driven greatly by motivation to support her beloved family and, nowdays, the desire to be a good example to us. I try to think about how hard I used to have to work for the benefit of "the company" and try to put that same amount of focus into my own business-- because if I don't, that's my other choice.

    Wade Watson

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    I am so there with you! I get distracted with all my ideas! I think that is why Lynn has an idea journal!!


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