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Thread: Parenting Niche Info-Product Needs Blog Reviews

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    Default Parenting Niche Info-Product Needs Blog Reviews

    Hi there,

    My business partners at just released an audio product called "Perspectives on Feelings". It talks about tantrums, strong emotions and how to deal with them.

    I would love to offer a review copy to anyone who has a parenting niche blog in exchange for a blog post. Of course, you can sign up as an affiliate and place your link at the end of your review as well.

    The sales page is here:

    The affiliate sign-up is here:

    If you'd like a review copy, you can post below or PM me directly.

    The sales funnel is set through Rapid Action Profits... which means instead of getting monthly payments, you get paid every second sale.

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    colincopy Guest


    The numbers are low and not great reflection of future results... but SO FAR, we are converting at 1.78%

    So for every 100 visitors you send our way, you could be making $24.03

    And that's ONLY if they buy the virtual edition. More if they buy the physical CD.

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    Colin, I'd love to review a copy. I'll PM you my email.

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    Saw that you downloaded it this morning. I hope you like it!

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    colincopy Guest


    Update on this...

    An affiliate did a blast to her list and we saw a 4.98% conversion rate. The list was very targeted obviously...

    (I'd like to think my copy did some of the lifting too.)

    If you have a parenting niche blog, e-mail list or twitter account, I'd encourage you to give my product a try. It won't hurt. I promise.

    PM if you want a review copy.

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    Is this offer still up, colin? I'll pm you my email.

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    colincopy Guest


    Hi Ellen.

    Absolutely. I just PM'd you.

    In fact, we're about to release a 100% commission product. Will let everyone on this board know ASAP.


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