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Thread: Auto Responder Series Written For You!

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    Default Auto Responder Series Written For You!

    Edited on August 18: Thanks to all of our wonderful SSWT members, I currently have more work than I can handle. I can not find a way to remove this thread so I am adding this note to let you all know that I am not offering this service at this time.

    If you've been in the internet marketing field for any time at all, you know that one of your primary goals should be collecting contact info for the folks who visit your site. As they say, "the money is in the list".

    Do you struggle with the idea of having a list because you just don't know what to send out? Let me make it easy for you by writing your auto-responder series of emails.

    Or perhaps you've been around the block and have a new site set up. You know you need to get some auto-responder emails together but just can't get it all done. Let me make it easy for you by writing your auto-responder series.

    After I write your auto-responder content for you, all you will have to do is plop your new content into your auto-responder's site and you're ready to "take names"!

    Writing this series of emails for other online marketers is a new "freelance" venture for me. I have written/designed many auto-responder series for my own sites but have not worked out the details of doing it for others.

    Therefore, I am willing to work with my first two clients on a very inexpensive basis in order to work out the kinks in the process. If you'll work with me in getting this together, I will work on the cheap.

    This special deal is only for a few folks. After I have the details all set up and the kinks worked out, my prices will increase.

    Get started building your list today! Email me for details at
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    To All-

    I want to just add my two cents and a testimonial for Bridgett...

    In a pinch, Bridgett helped me get 6 client blogs up and running and through all the techy graphic design stuff that I could not do (and didn't want to do!)

    Bridgett went above and beyond, did awesome work and helped me out of a pinch. I am so happy that I have found someone I can trust to handle work for my clients effectively, efficiently and with incredible results!

    As far as the auto responder work, I can guarantee that Bridgett will do a top notch job and will be taking her up on this offer myself!

    I have personally referred her to my list of small business consultants and whole heartedly recommend her to everyone here! ROCK! Thanks!

    Tina Williams


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