Edited on 12-14-2009 to say: Thanks to all of our wonderful SSWT members, I currently have more work than I can handle. I can not find a way to remove this thread so I am adding this note to let you all know that I am not offering this service at this time.

My favorite part of the entire affiliate marketing process is keyword research. I could do it all day - literally. Strange, I know. I guess it's the math geek in me

If you are struggling with finding the "long tail keywords" that you know you should be targeting, let me help. I can scout out the keyword variations and analyze the numbers for you.

Simply give me a topic and I will research the keyword for you. I will present you with my findings and data within 24 hours.

Limited time offer - This is my first attempt at freelance work. If you're willing to work with me in ironing out the details of how to effectively communicate on this job, I am willing to work really cheap!

I will work with my first two clients only at a reduced rate of just $5 (for one keyword). You supply the topic/keyword and I will search out the best long tail variations of your keyword.

When I am done, I will supply you with a list of long tail keywords and the data to support my findings. You can then use the long tail keywords to drive traffic to your site.

For more details, email me at BRaffenberg@gmail.com