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Thread: RSS Feed into a WP Page

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    Default RSS Feed into a WP Page

    What do you use to have one of your Wordpress Pages display a feed with with the first paragraph for each post in a category. would be the example feed I want to use. Is there HTML or a plugin for this?

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    Yes there are a few plugins for this...don't have any offand, do a Google search and sift through the ones out there to fit your needs =)

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    I probably can answer your question, but your wording has me a bit confused. There are plugins such as FeedWordPress that will make each entry of an outside RSS be an entry in your blog. I don't understand what you mean about the "first paragraph for each post in a category", however. Each entire post is assigned one or more categories. Perhaps you could restate your question or show us an example of what you mean.

    Wade Watson


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