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Thread: affiliate setup with Clickbank?

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    Question affiliate setup with Clickbank?

    I just listed my very first product on Clickbank-

    I plan to setup a proper affiliate page with articles and tools in January. In the meantime, I'd like to promote this to mom-bloggers. I'm paying out 75% commission.

    I know there's a formula something like this- where can I find that info?



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    Hi Ellen,

    >> I know there's a formula something like this [...]
    >> - where can I find that info?

    I think the information you are looking for is on this page:

    Best wishes,

    Ebook Marketing on the Internet

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    Thanks, Bo, was looking for that exactly!

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    I just tweeted your link out as a new product with 75% commission for parenting sites or mom bloggers - Twitter is a great place to find those folks
    Lynn Terry
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    Thanks, I appreciate that, Lynn!

    I'm paying 65% commission on this one which was just approved, and is VERY TIMELY!

    ===>>> <<<===

    Create your affiliate link by replacing yourclickbanknickname with your nickname!

    P.S. I have to learn how to deal with twitter- I still find cell text messages to be a headache!


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