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Thread: Question: Should I renew WhoIsGuard for my domains?

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    Default Question: Should I renew WhoIsGuard for my domains?

    Just got notice from NameCheap for the renewal of the WhoisGuard on my domains.

    This notice is to inform you that one of your WhoisGuard is expiring
    soon. Please act fast and renew the WhoisGuard as soon as possible.
    Letting the WhoisGuard to expire will disable Whois Contact protection
    feature if its associated to a domain.

    $2.88 per domain

    Is there really an advantage to it?

    Merci !

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    I thought WhoisGuard is to prevent scammers and spammers from grabbing your open info and so on?

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    Rick Olsen Guest


    I use for my domains because they're inexpensive and Privacy is free. If I were you I'd transfer my domains and save this expense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shelwriter View Post
    I use DomainsBy Proxy, through GoDaddy. It protects my identity. I assume WhoIsGuard does the same thing? If so, it's so that your name and contact information stays private. If that's important to you, then yes, it's worth it.
    I know I agree with Shelle - I don't especially want my address out there. However, I do have a PO Box now, so I may decide to drop the privacy.

    If you register at GoDaddy (like most of us do), consider calling them on the phone instead of registering online. I've always gotten them to waive the cost of the privacy this way. also, if you are registering in bulk (which is only 6 dot coms or dot nets), the price is only like $7/name and again, they throw in some freebies if you ask.

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    Sure. They have a good deal online right now for 6 names. I usually look at what the best online deal it, then call them on the phone asking if they have anything better.

    Of course, I'm from New York where we negotiate from birth, beginning with what time we get our next baby bottle.

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    Many Thanks to all for helping me understand and for great advice. Greatly appreciated.

    Wishing you a very safe and fun Holiday time!

    Talk soon.

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    Maximillion Guest


    Some say that google ranks domains better that do not have privacy protection.

    Some say it develops more trust to be open about who you are - ie. your name on the website matches your whois details - and you shouldn't try to hide it.

    Some say that Google is a registrar and knows who owns the domain, even if you use whoisguard or similar.

    My opinion - why do people snoop around peoples whois details anyway? I see numerous lookups when I review web page statistics. I can only imagine it is competitors trying to find out who owns the site?

    Then again, I suppose it would develop more trust for higher priced purchases...

    Then again again (lol) do I want casual visitors to know my street address?

    A conundrum...

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    If I recall correctly, Lynn uses a po box for her business adress for aweber purposes and anywhere else she HAS TO show an address. Her domain registrations are under proxy / privacy. But that's only based on my memory.


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