Hey Guys & Gals

Okay so my question today is about Bing

I gather from some reading that no one really understands how Bing has chosen to operate their Spiders...

I said that because

I have had a 4 month old website, which within its first month was indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing the site has about 100 pages or so

Then at about the 6 week mark BING just dropped ALL the pages, but Yahoo and Google did not change.

So here is my dilemma

I have been building back links, blog posts, etc.

Everything looks great stats wise, and my traffic comes and stays for a several minutes and bounce rate is 50% ish or below.

So I am happy with everything so far, but have been trying to get reindexed by Bing

I joined the webmaster center for Bing and added a sitemap, etc.

Now Bing has 2 or 3 pages indexed.

I e-mailed there support and got a half baked answer that didn't really explain what happened and how do I fixed it

So did I do something wrong?
Am I missing something?

I appreciate the help!