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Thread: Is Firefox really better?

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    Firefox is my favoirte browser, as it makes work so much easier with its add ons.

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    I use both but lean towards FF in most cases. When we are reviewing a landing page we do so in both FF and Explorer to "see" what others will likely see.

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    I've been having issues with Firefox and IE lately so I downloaded Chrome and so far I really like it. It's much faster!
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    I'd been using IE exclusively forever. When I was putting my squeeze pages together the other day, someone I asked to test them for me told me there were some problems. I asked what browser and that person said firefox, so I downloaded it so I could preview the pages and make the changes in coffee cup.

    I found myself browsing in Firefox and Holy Cow is it so much faster. I've been using it almost exclusively since and am LOVING it!

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    Also, the FireFox add-ons are really helpful for Internet Marketers

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    Yes firefox is really better as it has many new features and the application than the other browsers. Also it has bthe ability to add many add-ons which really helps in the working, I am using it for more than one year and it is really working well.

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    I have been using mozilla's products since it was netscape and I had to pay $49 for two floppies of netscape 2.0

    Ie has always been slow and had problems with virus and such.
    If a web page does not display properly in FF that is because it is not written properly.
    Things that do work in IE but not in FF are not written properly.

    IE tries to guess what the underlying code really means and FF displays it the way it is written. Therefore, if it is written incorrectly........

    I have never had FF "crash" on me yet. I don't use tabs as much as some people do so that may be the reason.
    I prefer things to open in a new window instead of the default setting of opening in a new tab.

    oh well, just my 1.5 cents worth.


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    firefox add-ons are good but there is a question about security.. in security features Google chrome is best.

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    yes i do like firefox more than any other web browser as its really quick and its add ons features is really incompatible.

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    browsing of chrome is better than FF but still i like FF because of a lot of add-ons that are working better than full softwares e.g. youtube mp3 downloader, youtube video downloader etc.


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