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Thread: Is Firefox really better?

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    I just read that Google Chrome is on pace to get more popular than FF. And Chrome won't crash if just ONE tab crashes- nice to know!

    Also, new netbooks ready next year WON"T have a desktop- they'll startup on Chrome OS- how strange is that?

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    I switched to firefox about 3 years ago and threatened my family with harsh consequences if they used IE anymore. lol At that time everytime IE was pulled up it loaded nothing but viruses to the computer. Since IE is so widely used, it's also the most widely hacked.

    Ever since doing this I have had NO problems with our old PC getting trojans and so much more.

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    Additional question - I have installed Firefox now, and quite like it. What add ons would you recommend? I have a few that are suggested by the challenge but was wondering if there was anything really useful that I'm missing.

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    I added on free wordtracker and use it all the time.

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    Here are the addons I have:

    Adblock Plus - eliminates most ads
    BetterPrivacy - manages Flash cookies
    DownThemAll! - will download all files or images on a page
    Firebug - shows page HTML and CSS tables
    NoDoFollow - shows which links are No Follow
    NoScript - let you choose what page scripts to run
    Tab Mix Plus - gives more control of tabs

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    When doing your website I have found there is no WAY to get it to load ok for everyone. Because some users do not upgrade to the latest version of their browser. I have no way of knowing if my sites still look ok in IE whatever because I usually download to the latest version when it tells me to.

    That said, I've only ever had issues with clients and websites when they are NOT uploaded to the latest versions of IE of FF.

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    You are already convinced to give it a try, Kathleen, but just wanted to add my experience. I used IE for many years then about August of last year everything became as slow as molasses. Just as well I have lot of hair or I would have pulled out every strand because of the issues and my local tech support could not find the real issue until she decided to switch to Firefox and the problems were solved! Of course there is a little learning curve, but if it works better for you, it's worth the effort.


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    I actually use all 3 browser, since I'll have different accounts for the same sites (like Gmail) logged in at once, but my order of preference is:

    1. Chrome (by far the fastest)
    2. FireFox (awesome add-ons)
    3. IE (nothing good to say about it)

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    I can not provide you a review on Firefox but only share
    my experience with it.
    For me Firefox is really better than Internet Explorer.

    The biggest advantage is that spyware doesn't get on your computer
    nearly as much. Spyware might not seem as a big deal but it will slow down
    your PC and eventually you will notice that you are having problems.

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    Firefox crashes so many times for me that I wonder if it should be listed as one of the "features". I'm a certified tab-a-holic and I'm sure that is what drives it crazy but I stick with it anyway so who is the crazy one? :-)


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