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Thread: Is Firefox really better?

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    In case anyone is interested. Mozilla is beta testing Firefox 4 and they are specifically looking for women to join the beta test process. Apparently 96% of their current beta testers are men.

    I'm currently using the beta version of firefox 4 and I am loving it. If you are interested, visit the Mozilla blog for details and to download the beta version

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    I prefer Firefox over chrome and IE, just because of plugins related to SEO.

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    Agree. Pluggins are what keeps me loyal to Firefox.

    If you are browsing all day those plugins can make the world of difference.

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    Default Chrome

    I use Google Chrome because of the HTML5 features and speed of the rendering and JavaScript engines. IE 7 and IE 6 are rather old and do not follow web standards. IE 8 is better but it has none of the HTML5 features that are used in some of the latest web applications. IE 9 should rectify some of that but I will probably still stick with Chrome.

    Chrome and Safari both use the same rendering engine, Webkit. They use separate JavaScript rendering engines but they are both pretty comparable. Webkit implements more of the HTML5 and CSS3 proposed standards than any other. Opera and Firefox are slightly behind that, they do parts of the proposed standards but not quite as much as Webkit. They also do not have the some codecs for video that Chrome and Safari have. IE 8 and older are much further behind as they implement no HTML5 pieces and have had a history of implementing HTML 4 and before in a way that is different than Mozilla (the other historical browser) and other standards-based browsers.

    I would give Firefox or Google Chrome a try. They both have plugins, a large support base, and render pages close to what the specs dictate. Make sure you test out your pages on Chrome, Firefox and IE to make sure your audience can read it and the design is consistent.

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    Graphics of Chrome are brighter but firefox plugin make it very useful......

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    I pretty much rotate equally between Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

    At the moment Firefox 3 seems to be crashing if you have intermittent connection problems or if a single tab crashes the entire browser stops responding, for that reason I would recommend Chrome.

    However Firefox has some really cool extensions that don't have Chrome equivalents.

    If you want speed - I personally think that Opera is the browser to use.

    It's interesting to see that Chrome's market share has topped 10%. If you want to have a look at what percentage of browser's people are using there is a great article on

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    I use Google Chrome. Simply the best IMHO. Liz


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