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Thread: Looking For Share This Plugin For Blog

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    Default Looking For Share This Plugin For Blog

    I have a blog at that I want to install one of those "Share This" plugins on.

    Which plugin do you recommend?

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    I use either Sociable or SexyBookmarks.
    Traci Knoppe
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    Hey Stef,

    Lynn and I both use Sociable, too. (I just switched due to feedback on this forum and Traci's help, actually.)

    You can see it in action on any post at: or

    Hope it helps!

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    I use share this and sociable and the one that I also use that many people miss that has skyrocketed by traffic is the tweetmeme botton that lets people share your posts on twitter.

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    Okay I have the Sociable plugin installed. I guess I already had it installed but an older version. Anyhow, I deleted that and installed the current version.

    Why is it scaling the images though? I went ahead and downloaded bigger version of the images and put them in the images folder. I also tried saving them in a different directory and putting the url in the socialble plugin to my images which did not work.

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    Okay, I figured it out. I had to go in the Sociable.css and change the height and width. Here is the link where I found the answer for others interested:


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