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Thread: What membership script - Or wordpress?

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    Rick Olsen Guest

    Default What membership script - Or wordpress?

    I'm building a membership site. I own the Butterfly Marketing script and Simple Member Pro. I want the following:

    A private forum
    The ability for members to upload pictures, videos and articles
    Links and ad pages
    A download section
    A Recommends and/or Bonus section

    Which script would best suit this plan? Wordpress or Joomla?

    Thank you for any response.

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    With WordPress, I thing you'll be lucky to have only the simplest forum.Type "forum" and a few other keywords in the WP plugin search box here to see what your options are. I haven't used Joomla, but from what I've heard, it could manage such a site. Just be ready for a lot more code tinkering and setup hassles than you'd have with a WordPress site.

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    Rick Olsen Guest


    I need a membership manager that integrates with aweber so I can use aweber for the mailing list. I don't think hostgator would let me mail to the number of members I'm planning for.

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    Rick Olsen Guest


    Thanks Quint. I'm setting up Joomla. Then I just have to learn how to use it.


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