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Thread: The Biggest Webinar in IM History / Perry Belcher

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    Question The Biggest Webinar in IM History / Perry Belcher

    You may have heard my comments about this on Episode 20 of the IMTW Podcast, which got me called a "terrorist" (lol). I'm curious how many of you listened in to Perry Belcher's free webinar on Social Media last week, and what you thought of it. There was a high-end product launch on the back side of that webinar - did you buy? Thoughts on the product?

    On that same topic, check out Mike Young's blog post this week:
    Ryan Deiss: Is Perry Belcher His Employee? (comments too)

    Your thoughts?
    Lynn Terry
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    This post disappeared overnight. Unfortunately I cant locate a cached copy on Google either - and I made the mistake of refreshing the page, otherwise I could copy & paste some of it to share with you...

    Makes it even more interesting.
    Lynn Terry
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    I got the email Mike sent out last week on a different post he'd done on Perry Belcher and then got to reading and reading! All of his posts on Perry and the ENTIRE blog! I read the whole thing! LOL!

    I met Perry on Twitter and was impressed with his happy, perky attitude and exchanged tweets with him a few times. He even found out about Gary Vaynerchuk because of a post I had done on Gary. Perry thanked me a lot for letting him know about Gary. So I'm thinking 'cool dude' right?

    Then we get the notice that because we're on Carrie Wilkerson's list, we get free access to Make Money with Google. Super cool, right?

    Get it, start listening to it - hear Perry and Ryan call affiliate marketers a sham and anyone who says they run a 'business' that is 'just' doing aff. mark. is a super dork, or however they worded it. Quit listening.

    Now, because, I'm on a list of his for getting this free - I get a phone call from a phone center. Guy sounds nice enough, so I talk to him a bit. Then when I'm not ready to fork over $10,000 to learn how to run a real business - guy gets SUPER crappy with me!!! "Let us know when you're ready to run a real business!!!" and hangs up on me. what ev

    So I'm completely disillusioned - or enlightened, I should say - about the whole lot of them.

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

    And I'm stickin' with Lynn - cuz she's the REAL deal!

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    This is the kind of stuff that really upsets me about the industry. And that gets me called a "terrorist" haha.

    If anyone DOES have a copy of the blog post I linked to above still open in their browse - DONT CLOSE IT or refresh it. Copy it first (because it doesnt exist anymore) - I'd love to have a copy of that.
    Lynn Terry
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    Interesting thing is that Mike still has the tweet that tweeted out that post in his tweetstream. I mean, even if he deleted it - it would still stay in Twitter search (forever!) LOL - but, if he deleted the post - I would have thought he would have deleted the tweet, too.

    Does leave a good place to ask him where it went though..... hmm...

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    If anyone subscribes to his blog via RSS - it would still be in the reader probably...

    The comments were particularly interesting.
    Lynn Terry
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    Oooh, I get his posts by email.... going to check!!! ::slaps head::

    Totally weird...can't find it.

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    :: fingers crossed ::
    Lynn Terry
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    I can't find it, but, you know what - I could swear that there is another blog he does. I mean, I know he changed the theme - so that might be what's making me think of 'two' different blogs...

    I'm so behind on email, too - so I might have lost it in the spam folder

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    Is this what you want?....

    Ryan Deiss: Death of Forced Continuity

    With the possible exception of Michel and Sylvie Fortin, I’ve been the biggest critic online about forced continuity programs and other unethical marketing tactics. After writing Perry Belcher – Arrest of an Internet Marketer and Perry Belcher: Internet Marketer Pleads Guilty and Forfeits Assets, I’m sure that his friend and mentor, Ryan Deiss, hasn’t been pleased with me.

    Yet I will give credit where credit is due. Ryan Deiss just issued a special report, The Death of Forced Continuity. You can get it for free (e-mail opt in required).

    My take? Agree with about 90% of it and recommend that you read it. Deiss contends that switching to optional continuity is the way to go because (1) it is the right thing to do for his customers and (2) he makes more money with optional continuity.

    Although we’re in business to make money, the second reason is almost irrelevant in my book. If it is the right thing to do, do it.

    What do you think?
    Two comments:

    Jack | Apr 7, 2009 | Reply

    It’s so much easier to just play by the rules, and do what’s right. Look at the huge downside of dodgy marketing. For one thing, you always have to be looking over your shoulder. Seems pretty stressful, and the odds are against you long term. Also, if you ultimately get the rug pulled out from under you, then you lose all your gains anyway. You’ll ALWAYS pay a price with that thinking–either stress, health, and peace of mind–or losing everything. And if you look at the term “forced continuity,” it kind of defines the result. It forces people to give up their money. That can only be a recipe for problems.


    Say It So They Buy It | Jun 7, 2009 | Reply

    Your points are well-taken, though I felt that Ryan was less than genuine by the way he presented his material. To tie one product to the purchase of another is totally legitimate when fully disclosed – it’s like getting a bonus with purchase. To say it is dead is wrong; to say that the illegal way of doing it SHOULD be dead seems right on for me. Hey, today I did a full scan of a computer with a product that said “free scan” and the blogger talking about the product said it was FREE… but when the scan was over, it cost money to FIX what was found in the free scan. Not to ME— THAT is a scam way worse than saying to get product B you have to purchase my product A. Let’s keep this in perspective and help people as our primary aim.


    Charlie Seymour Jr
    This is the cache link:


    I've been off computer since Friday morning not doing much except trying to get two computers synced when my main keyboard and my computer started sending crazy messages to each other.

    So the cache was still there...if, that is, this is what you were talking about.
    Karen McGreevey
    Web site: Konceptuality
    Blog: Kittens 'n Things
    Twitter me KarenMcGreevey


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