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Thread: How do I get thumbnails for videos?

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    Default How do I get thumbnails for videos?

    I'm working on a new website (using WordPress) that will include videos embedded from YouTube, Google Video, etc, and I'm going to need thumbnail images. Is it fair use for me to make and host my own thumbnails from the videos? Or can I retrieve the [s]videos[/s] thumbnails and from the sites where the videos are hosted?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also if you have a recommendation for a good WP theme for videos I'm still looking.
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    Hi Linda
    Not sure I completely understand your question.

    Yes, you can use and embed videos from video sharing sites such at YouTube

    You can also resize those videos to fit onto your site.

    Are you wanting a static thumbnail image from the videos or just want thumbnail size videos to play on your site?

    If you want a thumbnail image you could take a screen shot of the image you want (play the video, press pause to stop it at an image within the video you'd like to use to create a thumbnail and take a screenshot) and resize the screenshot to create a thumbnail.

    Did that answer your question?
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    Hi Traci.. sorry my question wasn't more clear. Rereading it now I see where my brain hiccuped.

    I am looking for static thumbnail image to use and my question really is more about fair use. The method you're suggesting (taking a screenshot and creating a jpg or gif) would certainly give me what I want; I just want to be sure there's no copyright issue with doing that. The other option is to take the thumbnail that already exists on the originating site (YouTube, etc) and uploading it to my server for the thumbnail Again, I'm wondering if that's fair use.

    The thumbnails will only be used to link readers to the videos. For example, there will be a featured video section on the home page with thumbnails listed along side or underneath the player so visitors can make a selection.


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