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    Based on another thread, getting mention in Digg and Stumble Upon are valuable tools for building traffic.

    I already have the buttons below each post, along with twitter and some other stuff. What do I do now?

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    so one can digg and stumble upon their own sites and that's considered okay?

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    I am not sure about Digg, but StumbleUpon I think frowns against stumbling your own site. I think you can do it once in a while to gain some extra exposure but if you keep stumbling all your pages, it is going to see a pattern and might get you banned.

    These are just my thoughts, not 100% sure.

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    mommyenterprises is right. You can submit your own links, but make sure you submit lots of other links for every one you submit of your own. It was either Digg or StumbleUpon (I think) that banned Lynn because so many of her pages got submitted - and she never submits her own stuff!
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    yeah, that's what I was kind of thinking, Cindy. What do other's think?

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    Jeanette - I think that to get real traffic from a web 20 site you have to treat it like you treat your fave forum (SSWT)! when you join in with others and comment on their stuff etc YOU get extra attention.

    With web 20 sites - you gotta choose to go for quantity or quality - there's no right answer here.

    You can have software to automatically submit stuff to dozens of web 20 sites or just focus on Stumbleapon

    But if you want to mark your own material use a nom de plume. And post in the social media thread in the elite forum.


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