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    If you burn your RSS feed with Feedburner and submit that feed to the RSS directory, the search engine crawlers will find that link and pass credit to the intermediary URL and not my sites URL.

    If it is so, can I add "feed" to the end of my url (if I use WordPress)? Then I have the feed and I can submit it to various RSS directory or other places. Would this RSS feed links directly to my site and search engine crawlers pass credit to my site?


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    Are you wanting to use your own feed when promoting rather than using Feedburners? I think many use Feedburner because of all the options and features that go along with it.

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    Yes, I want to promote my feed and get link credit to my site.
    Let me rephrase my questions. What is the best way to submit my feed and get my direct link credit to my site? Would the "feedburner" be an option?

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    If you want to submit your WordPress RSS feed to RSS directories, you don't need to use Feedburner.

    Just use

    Either way though, you're still getting PageRank (for Google) from the directories to your feed to your pages. The second option is just cutting out the middle-man (Feedburner).

    Hopefully that helps

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    Thanks, Kane.

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    Use Feedburner and use the RSS Footer wp plugin. I'm going to copy and paste what I said earlier in another forum on this topic so I don't have to retype it.

    YES you can get traffic but at least equally as important is BUILDING LINKS with feeds, I always submit my own RSS feeds all over the place, even mash them up sometimes, often submit the feeds of pages I generate links from and submit my client's feeds (+ the feeds of places we created links for them). RSS can be really powerful.

    But if you haven't optimized your feeds, I highly suggest you do so. Get a Feedburner feed first of all, don't just use the standard feed that is often generated from your site and make sure you go through ALL of the tabs, and all links on sidebar on each tab) on Feedburner after setting it up to reallyyyy optimize (change from no follow, make browser friendly, use smart feed & feed flare, headline animator, socialize if you want & don't use another socialize method, set up email subscribe link/form if wanted, etc.)

    Look at my feed here:

    If you look at bottom you'll see I added (via Feedburner) email this, Facebook this, Newsvine, Mixx & Stumble (yes my sociable shows up from my original post too but it could potentially not show up so just to be sure they have options, plus sociable doesn't have the email option).

    I also use the RSS Footer WP plugin to allow me to customize the footer in my RSS to push more link juice (with anchor text). In my feed, notice at the bottom where it says "xxx is a post from "Link Vines, Link Building Service & SEO News" and that text is anchored to my URL.

    It not only adds it to my feedburner feed but the regular feed generated from my site ...which I generally submit also =)

    P.S. If you look at the feed referenced in my above post, you'll see that the animated headline kicked in at the bottom (it's not really necessary on the feed itself because it points right back to it but I like the life of it) and you can add that code (generated at Feedburner in your account) anywhere you can add html to get people's attention and hopefully entice them to click through to your feed. Because it's now on my feed and I'm importing the feed to the Link Vines Facebook page, it appends it there too =)

    The feed contains links back to your site, and optimized properly, will also contain your links anchored to your text/keywords. So, for best practice, optimize it (as talked about above) and submit it to RSS directories.

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    Thanks areaK!

    Good stuff. I always had a hard time visualizing how I could use the feedburner feeds and the RSSFooter plugin.
    Your post firmly cemented that in my mind.

    Thanks again

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