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    Default 5000 backlinks download

    I purchased Lynn's 5000backlinks and never received a download email or anything? Does anyone know how I can get this? I think Lynn is away if I remember correctly.....


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    What is the 5000 backlinks download?

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    Yes, you should have gotten a link to the product download. Yes, Lynn is away - maybe email Paul, the partner? His email is in the clicknewz thread about the product, I would imagine.

    Strange. Are you sure the purchase went through your account at paypal (and shows up as a withdrawal from your deposited paypal funds, or credit card or checking account, depending on how you use paypal)? Maybe it got 'stuck' someplace along the way and never completed the transaction????

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    Just saw this thread. It is

    If you didn't receive your download, send an email to the 5000backlinks gmail address with your PayPal transaction ID and Paul will get you fixed up ASAP
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    Make sure that you don't have adblock plus when you purchase 5000backlinks. If you do, you will not see the form to enter your name and e-mail address to receive he link to download the product.


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