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Thread: Which Social Bookmarking Services Do You Use?

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    Default Which Social Bookmarking Services Do You Use?

    With so many different social bookmarking services available, which ones do you choose to add to your sites?

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    Some of the popular:

    I bought Bookmarking Demon back in July but I returned it because I didn't know how to use it back then. Now I realize that was a mistake. hahaha.


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    I can recommend this ones:

    I am also using Bookmarking Demon and I had to invest quite a few hours in setting everything up,
    but now that's done, it really delivers.
    I like the multi posting feature. You can submit to many different bookmarking sites
    at the same time.
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    Every now and then I would boomark some content but not really, it is best if other people do it for you.

    You can post links on twitter and ask if people could bookmark it for you and that has worked for me. Even on niche forums you can do the same thing.

    But if you choose to do it your self here are two simple ones.

    I hope these two help you.

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    I have used Social Marker. I know it takes a long time at first to set it all up but I think it was worth it.

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    Are you asking what to put on your site so others can bookmark YOUR content or places you can bookmark your content?

    If you're asking what to put on your site you really need to look at your market and their level of bookmarking knowledge. A lot of people outside of IM don't even know what bookmarking is!

    There are plugins you can add to your site that will let you choose which bookmarking sites you want to have available for them to use. If you need more info just let me know.

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    Here is one you can use:


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