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Thread: Benefits of using Tags in Wordpress

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    Default Benefits of using Tags in Wordpress

    You know what I noticed today? I have not been using tags in my Wordpress posts.

    What are the benefits of using these? Should I go back into my posts and add them?

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    I don't really use WP tagging. I think it's because I don't want too many links in a page. hehehe. I did a quick search on the benefits of tagging and maybe this would help you.


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    I rank at #1 for some key phrases I never use on my site other than in my tags. I use anywhere between 1 and 6 tags on each post, and find them beneficial.

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    also, as a blog reader, I often find tags to help navigate the site - reading pages I might not visit if there were no tags. That's the main reason I use them on my blog.

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    Tags are a great way to further categorize and organize your website among all of the sites that are also being created every day on the web.

    I believe it's looking more professional and I always make use of tags.


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