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Thread: NAMS - Jimmy D Brown is not attending

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    Default NAMS - Jimmy D Brown is not attending

    Did I miss this announcement? I do remember that he was on the original list of presenters back last fall when I signed up. When did this change and was an announcement ever made?

    I'm disappointed. . .

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    I got an email from a friend, who heard it here:

    Seems that since he won't be able to attend, he's giving his Affiliatenaire product to all attendees instead.

    Disappointing, yes, but Lynn and Nicole Dean and Bob the Teacher and so many more great people are still going to be there.
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    Yes, that's true. But I get access (which I much appreciate) to those three great sources of information and motivation through my Elite membership. I was looking forward to another 'voice.' And I always cringe when what's advertised is not delivered, especially when it's an event that's been planned months in advance.

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    I'm sure they do the best they can. Organizing this many internet marketing entrepreneurs for one event has to look something like herding cats

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    I heard that the dates conflicted with a missionary trip that he is leading.

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    Not to change the subject, but I've been searching for the thread about the Elite reception. Does anybody know when Lynn has that planned for? I can't find the thread.

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    Here's the thread - I can't remember whether it's friday or Saturday!

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    Oh thanks! It say:

    Saturday night following that day's sessions.
    Good deal. Thanks!

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    Ohh... I was so hoping to meet him.

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    I was really looking forward to hearing his viewpoint and learning a bit from him directly. so much more motivating that an audio recording or just reading all the time.

    Oh well, NAMS will be worth it anyway, I'm sure.


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