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    Default 5000 backlinks question

    The first step, the instant indexing guide, I did that step. My question is do you suppose that you could use that on different blogs for different keyword phrases for your site, or would that be too much.

    Also is this recommended if you are already indexed on the major search engines, like I have been linkbuilding for a year now, is this still okay to do?


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    good question. anybody?

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    I may be at this, but from what little I understand, I have to respectfully disagree - in part - with arbiep. Backlinks WILL help you rank for organic traffic. So will submitting the same article to multiple sites - those are just more backlinks. While articles on good article sites will have more value than a blog comment backlink, having that same identical article on a hundred directories isn't going to make you appear to be an authority (except at using some kind of article submission software).

    But yes, branding yourself and having readers trust you is probably the MOST important thing to getting them to buy from you - whether you are online or offline. I think this is a topic more related to helping them find you.

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    Good information. Thank you.

    A question, though. I'm not sure I fully understand what type of site you are referring to when you use the term "traffic exchange.". Can you amplify please?

    Also, when trying to get backlinks from "your peers" wouldn't that be your competitors? I mean, if I'm selling dog biscuits and I post a comment on another blog that is selling dog biscuits and I use anchor text that includes a link to my site, how is that comment going to stick? I'd imagine that my competitor (my peer?) would wipe that blog comment out in about two seconds

    I must be missing something here. . .

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    Brismom - the Quick Indexing Guide is specifically for new domains that have not yet been indexed by the major search engines. For established (indexed) sites/blogs/pages you want to use the rest of the package.

    (We're discussing for anyone following along)

    To address the rest of this discussion...

    There are a lot of pieces to any online marketing strategy. Backlinks is just one of them - but a very important element. Article Marketing is great for both backlinks and exposure. Blog commenting is great for both backlinks and networking/exposure. Ultimately, if your target market cannot find you then you can't make sales. And backlinks are what drive traffic and increase your search engine rankings.

    The 5000backlinks package does not suggest that you get a "surge" of backlinks in an unreal amount of time. It is actually a plan to get a stream of new backlinks continuously - which is ideal. There is a daily action plan included for this.

    You cannot be penalized for who links to you. Otherwise your competition could tank you intentionally. You can be penalized for linking TO "shady sites" or for exchanging links with them. Two-way links (exchanging links) holds less value than one-way links. One-way links are perceived as a true unsolicited vote to the page they are linking to.

    Toolbar PageRank (not actual PageRank, which only Google knows) has nothing to do with your Google rankings. It's simply a vanity tool.

    Directories are a good source for quality, relevant backlinks. However, human visitors rarely use directories anymore. They now use search and social media to find content and discover new websites. A listing in a directory is not going to increase your authority or your "Know, Like, Trust" factor. It's simply a backlink that can help you rank better, so that your target market can find you and make that judgment.

    I hope I answered all the questions here Good discussion!
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