I need direction on getting my web business started. I am in info overload- been reading all types of info to get started.

Business Plan
1) Build a business in Renewable Green Energy
2) Build web sites (these are on line)
a. TheSolarShak.com
b. 4ecoGreenEnergy.com
c. TheEbookShak.com
3) Several more in the works
4) Signed up at Aweber for autoresponder
5) Signed up at EzineArticles, Facebook, Twitter, plr for green living
6) Promote- need direction

I would like to make this a full time business, at the present in am working to help get this off the ground. I am realistic that this is going to take time to build. Goal to make around 70K/yr and build the business from there.

Any help would be appreciated

Terry P Mielcarek