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    I really love all the people in this forum and have really gotten a lot from it and from Lynn so here's the deal. Although I have kept my prices low for years to compete with the big boys (where I once worked as a consultant) I am offering a NV. LLC for $ 550 which is $100 off only for forum members. This includes the Operating Agreement written by the best corporate attorneys and accountants in NV. ( I edited it a few years ago so it's perfect and a dot com lawyer here charges $8,000-he got a friend of mine, I didn't know until later.) This includes initial filing fees but not manager's list or taxation fees (usually $125 and $100 respectively.) What's important is there is no charge for consulting because every business owner has questions, taxation, filing as foreign, etc. I want my clients to be happy and I'll make sure you are. So start saving a bundle on taxes (there's a book you MUST read) and get all the benefits every business owner should have. E-mail me at or call 702-218-8579.
    p.s. I have helped Brismom on this forum so she is my only testimonial from here but she can let you know what I'm like. Thanks.

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    Default Thanks, Richard

    Hi Richard and thanks for your reply. I can provide the names of the original authors if requested and obtain their permission. Yes, I edited it because there were typos, spelling errors,etc. Sometimes paralegals aren't the best typists but many private and public entities have used my filings with zero problems. Also, I agree that LLCs are not appropriate for everyone but I've found it to be the easiest entity for e-commerce type businesses. Of course, everyone needs to be dealt with individually especially to avoid double taxaton from a "C" corporation. I believe that the state fee in NV. for filing is $125, $75 is for non-profit corporations. There is also a $50 fee for a Certificate of Good Standing (I have been forming corporate entities since 1979 and have filed 2 public entities under Reg. D here in NV. and you really need that to open bank accounts as well as the OA.) Any input to forum members from you would, I think, be nothing but advantageous for them and that's what really matters.

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    I just wanted to reply here about Frank as a person and how he helped me. Last year I dealt with a really bad SEO marketing company that basically frauded me out of a lot of money and I was looking for any way to get it back that I could. I had never been in a situation like this before so I turned to the forum here.

    I got many replies but Franks really stood out to me because it was real and it was doable and it was a logical way to stand up for myself and protect my rights and get my money back without spending money on any lawyers and such. He suggested that I do a credit card chargeback which I had no idea you could do. So I did and I got my money back! Woo hoo!

    Frank is an honest and trustworthy person who helped me get my money back and I am so thankful for his guidance and knowledge because he taught me something that I had no idea about and I am glad that I took his advice. He is a great guy, who is in the business to help people and he genuinely cares.

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    Thank you, Blossombev. Also, there has been new legislation lobbied through Carson City a few years back that now states statutorily that officers, directors or LLC managers cannot be held liable unless INTENT to commit fraud is proven. Ask any attorney how huge that is. It's also a statute,i.e., it's law in NV. so it's like NV. was bulletproof before but now it's like with 5 Kevlar vests. Hope this helps.

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