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Thread: Experience moving from SBI/SiteSell site?

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    Default Experience moving from SBI/SiteSell site?

    Wondering if anyone has had an SBI site, then moved their domain hosting elsewhere and, if so, what's the proper way to do that? My SBI site expires next week (1/28). Don't want to renew with SBI but do want to keep my domain name/s. I think with what I've learned this past year I can switch to a blog for my domain name w/out SBI's expensive cost. I need to make a decision quickly since 1/28 is almost here. Thanks for any advice, experience or feedback from the gang.

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    I'm not familiar with SBI but usually you could just change the DNS info in the old host to the new host's DNS info.

    Hopefully someone will know for sure but I think that is what you do. You do need to get hosting somewhere else though and I recommend Host Gator (my aff link). Then from the backend of Host Gator (cpanel) you'll get your Wordpress blogs set up.

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    Default Experience moving from SBI/SiteSell site?

    Thanks Angie, thanks for your info. I may contact Host Gator to see if they've had experience with SBI/SiteSell. I guess I need to 1) move my domain and then 2) get new hosting service. Can't figure the logistics of leaving SBI and going elsewhere. Hoping someone on here has been with SBI before. Thanks again for your help.

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    Thanks for the info, Maggie. It was very helpful. Yes, my domain is registered through SBI.

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    I had a site hosted with SBI a long time ago, and found it very limiting. I moved it after the first year.

    Here is what you'll need to do:

    - save your site to your computer (in the past, that wasn't an option with SBI. If it still isn't, you'll have to save each page individually)

    - let them know NOW you are canceling heir service when it becomes due (in other words, cancel now)

    - initiate domain transfer ASAP, although it may be already late

    - get a new host (Hostgator is a good one, as mentioned)

    - change the DNS to your new host

    - upload your site, making sure your pages are named the same as on your current site, so you don't lose rankings. Otherwise, make sure you do a redirect for each page thta changes the name

    - I suggest you recreate your site with WordPress: it's SEO friendly and changes are easy to make.

    BTW, how large is your site (how many pages do you have)?

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Adrianna, you are a dear to comment with your own experience. Actually this website w/SBI is only 1 page (yep!)and has been sitting in limbo this year. We couldn't decide what direction to go so we set it aside temporarily and worked on our other sites and blogs. In fact, I won't even be copying it, simply moving the domain name and hosting. Then I'll start with a fresh design ... yes, in WordPress! (lol) Glad to hear you recommend it. I'll contact SBI immediately to get moving on the cancellation. I'll need to get the authorization code, etc. Thanks so much again for your informative post.

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    Glad I could help.


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