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    I know that several years ago when I tried my hand at IM there was a service (through word tracker I think) that sent you an email every so often with the top search words/phrases.

    Pretty vague I know, but does anyone know what I'm talking about and perhaps have a link to such a thing?


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    exactly what I was looking for...thanks a bunch!!


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    May all of our memory problems be solved so quickly

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    If you don't already know about Google Trends Hot Searches page, this shows a the top Google search terms by the hour. It used to show the top 100, but they've cut it back to just the top 20. To be practical for most uses, you need to check it several times for consistent trends. It tends to be flooded with whatever's on TV or in the news that hour. Some of the Warrior Forum folks even try to throw up blogs based on them and go for quick bookmarking site traffic, but I haven't tried that.

    Google Hot Trends

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    Thanks Wade, I will use this as well...always on the lookout for a new or upcoming niche, and it helps to know what people are looking for.



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