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    I'm looking to create a website (a WPD blog I think) for my husband who is a Karaoke DJ. He would like a calendar showing where her is performing on what day. Is there a plug-in of some sort that could do this for me?

    I can write the code and make a page like this in html, but don't want to reinvent the wheel so to speak if there is something out there that would do this quickly and easily.



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    Loretta uses a Google calendar to show her availability for transcription work ==>

    That might work for what you are wanting to do.

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    You are using Wordpress? If so, there is a great plugin called Gig Calendar. You can see it in action at
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    I use Google Calendar for this type of stuff too. It will give you the embed code that you simply copy and paste to display the calendar. Google rocks! I can't even begin to list the various things I use from Google to make life easy..and even fun!


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