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    I have just bought a domain name for something that I think MAY be very hot in the near future. It's based on a possible future event. Where would you go from here if you were me? Would you just sit on the domain name and wait to see if this event comes to pass, or would you put up a blog and start getting backlinks and such so that you're ready when or if it happens?


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    What an interesting question, Kathleen!

    If I were a prophet, this would be a simple post for me, but alas....

    Perhaps put up one or 2 blog posts and get the site indexed, then leave it alone and see if the event happens and you want to pursue it.

    I'm assuming that if this event does NOT happen, then you'll let it go, so don't spend more than an hour or two on it right now- that would be my advice.

    I'm imagining a domain like or something to that effect! If she doesn't run for president, the domain name is pretty much useless.

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    Hey Kathleen, not knowing what the topic is it's hard to say but if you felt it was hot enough to buy a domain name why not get going with it. Put up your blog and start getting backlinks.

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    I would definitely get it started so that it is indexed and you have some backlinks. If the event happens, you'll be in a better position. Is is so specific that if the event doesn't happen you can't tweak it to suit something else based on the related keyword phrases?
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    yeah, it's pretty specific to one of the professional sports teams making the championship game.



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