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Thread: need help for coding my links in css

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    Default need help for coding my links in css

    ok. i will try to explain this right....I created a badge for my site. I uploaded the pic/badge/jpg to my server, and made the html code to make the badge linkable to my site.

    Now I want to be able to put that same code onto my site as text for others to copy and insert on their site that will then convert to the proper linkable/clickable badge.

    But every time I try, it re-populates/converts to the image that is linked instead of just showing the code for them to copy. Is there a plugin I need on wp? Or is there a format i need to code into my html that will wrap around my html for the badge so it won't create the actual badge again?

    I know some people just tell their visitors to save the image and upload to their own server and then create the link themselves to link back to the intended site(or their affiliate links in some cases). But I wanted to have the code already(and I do), that they could just copy and paste(which I can't create).
    I don't know why I am having such a hard time explaining I hope someone understands me and can help.
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