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Thread: Encouragement for those struggling...

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    Smile Encouragement for those struggling...

    I know many are struggling to really get going in their online business. Whether it's because you haven't found that 'something' that you feel you're called to do, or you are running in circles trying to determine what you should do first: I understand.

    Over two years ago, I pretty much stopped taking new web design clients to learn all I could about internet and affiliate marketing. Through that learning, I *thought* I needed to find my niche. As in - a brand new, completely different niche from web design.

    I struggled. I wasn't really earning any money and everything felt off and wrong.... until one Thursday evening in September 2009 when I received an email promotion from another internet marketer that was like a lightening bolt that went through me and I knew, that I knew that I knew - this was what I was supposed to do. Not a completely different niche, but a different business model for my existing one.

    My husband and I got to work mindmapping (on paper Bob, don't get too excited ) how it was going to work. The company name also came just as easily and I registered the domain name the next day and worked long hours over the weekend and into the first of the week setting up the site and ironing out some details.

    I applied Joe Marsh's First Page on Google system and in a mere 10 days had my first client and was at profit.

    Today marks the 4th month since I officially opened the doors of Your Web Tech Team and so far this month alone, my business has grown 102% from the previous three months.

    Yesterday was an incredible day: I came very close to a $1,000 earned in just that one day.

    My monthly income is more than enough to support my entire family of 5, plus I'm now also paying 6 part-time people on my Team on a regular basis and 2 of my adult children also, as needed.

    I fully expect Your Web Tech Team to be grossing 6 figures by the end of March - a mere 6 months after it launched.

    I don't say that to brag; but to encourage you to take action. If I had merely *thought* this idea and business model was good, and then did nothing with that. I would still be sitting here struggling.

    My husband left his job at Chrysler exactly one year ago. His efforts to find employment have thus far turned up nothing. It's all up to me.

    And Lynn herself has said, when you have no choice but to succeed or your kids starve, you find a way.

    I work long hours at this point, because I need to support my family and still keep my overall labor costs in check; but I am able to pay people to help me and I'm not afraid of hard work.

    The good news is that I still make affiliate income every month and make sales on my blogging course - all over and above the full time living I make offering outsourcing services to others.

    I was a successful web designer, but because my husband always earned enough money to pay the bills, I didn't *have* to push that business to any level other than some extra money for me. (My husband always joked that my web design money supported my dog habit. )

    So my level of financial success was nothing like what I'm doing now. What's the big difference? Need. I didn't need to earn a full-time living when I was doing web design work; now I do.

    If you are at the point where if something doesn't happen or change, you will lose it all. Then you have no place to go but up.

    If that's you: then get up and get to work. Stop learning and start DOING!

    If you're going to NAMS, take lots of notes. Connect with the speakers and others there at the conference whom you admire and ask them questions. Listen to what they say and then implement what they tell you as it applies to your business model.

    If you do not yet know what it is you should be doing. Find someone to brainstorm with. Find a business coach to help you.

    Once you find that something, and you just feel right about it and it 'clicks' for you: run with it. You can always tweak things later, just DO IT!

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    I would consider myself in the 'target market' for this thread.

    Traci, let me be the first to say "thank you" for taking the time to remind me of this, that hard work, perseverance, conviction and a clear goal are all one needs to create the road to success.


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    Kuddos, Traci, what an awesome post- thanks for sharing your story.

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    So encouraging Traci! Thank you for sharing.

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    That's AWESOME Tracey. I too have flopped around from spot to spot, method to method and can relate to what you're saying. It's kind of like fishing with a baseball might get a few but it will take WAY more swinging than you'd like. (man, that's good....I should write that one down!)

    I'm rooting for your 6 figures by March...bring it on!


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    Thanks for sharing your story, Traci. You're quite an inspiration and I know everyone appreciates all the useful contributions you make here and around Lynn-World. I find that some of the most useful IM training are the in-the-trenches personal accounts like this. That takes it out of the abstract realm.


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    This is an encouraging post. "Where there is a will-there is a way." and attitude does account for 90% of success. If you think you can, you can. If you don't, you won't. I know these may all be cliches we have heard time and again, but they are all true.

    We often do our best thinking and planning when there is a need to. Those that are born into money never get to learn the key lessons such as this that can make and shape us into successful people who take real pride in our accomplishments.

    I am rooting for the six figure mark you are headed for by March. I know it can be done. I have valued your help over the last year or so I have been a part of Lynn forum(both here and the old place). You have a firm hold on things and it can only get better from here.

    Thanks for sharing your story and positive thoughts.

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    Wonderful story Traci!
    Thank you for sharing!
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    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    It's been an amazing journey thus far, and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

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    Thank you so much for this post, Traci!

    get up and get to work. Stop learning and start DOING!
    Second time this morning I've read this message!

    I'm on it!


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