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Thread: How To Check Backlinks

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    Default How To Check Backlinks

    What do you suggest to use to check backlinks?

    I have used a few different free tools online and they are giving results that are not the same.

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    I like to use yahoo site explorer: is also interesting is interesting
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    Hey Stefani! I use the method that Lynn teaches here:

    using and yahoo site explorer

    From what I've heard, they all differ somewhat anyway in their results, but, also - some of them are daily and some are monthly

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    I use either Yahoo or (which uses Yahoo)

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    I prefer two ways for backlink checking 1st backlinkchecker or write Links: "your site" on Google

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    I used to prefer the Yahoo search technique ...entering link: domain name ...because Google (done by entering link:domain name) used to show backlinks much more slowly than Yahoo (and still never show as many as Yahoo) but recently I'm seeing this "seem" to change some and Google is picking up at least as fast as Yahoo and even showing as many. I'm not totally convinced of this yet, am going to try on some future sites and see if it's just a fluke!

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    I use Yahoo explorer as Google does it not very well. It somehow omits most backlinks. For my work and my customers Yahoo explorer is enough though it shows only the first thousand.

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    Which of these tools easily shows how many of the links or not internal links from the same domain?



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