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Thread: Infusionsoft VS 1SC

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    I don't know anything about Infusionsoft. I have used a private label version of 1SC and had no real complaints about it. But then they changed how support is provided and I switched companies because of it. If support is an important consideration for you, you'll want to compare the support systems.

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    Infusionsoft is used by some of the biggest names like
    Frank Kern, Joel Comm, Rich Schefren, Ryan Deiss, John Carlton, and Stompernet.
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    I believe Aweber has the best email delivery of all of them, yet Insufionsoft is what I hope to be big enough to need one of these days.
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    I LOATHE Infusion Soft with the fire of a thousand suns.

    I was actually asked what the worst business advice I ever got was, and responded that it was to buy Infusion.

    Also - a lot of the big names are being ASSOCIATED with it, but many of them no longer use it.

    Some of the reasons I don't like it:

    1. (When I had it a few months ago) - you couldn't use PayPal AND a merchant account on a sales page (only on shopping cart style. If you're doing this for IM sites, Maria, you know that a huge % of sales come from PayPal - and a shopping cart only throws off readers and gets them diverted)

    2. They say you can do one click upsells, but they don't come standard with IS. I had to use a custom solution that was made for $5k.

    This may have changed since then, but I don't think so.

    3. The learning curve is ridiculous (though the autoresponder options are worth it)

    Most people agree that Infusion has AMAZING autoresponder options, but the shopping cart seemed to be thrown in as an afterthought.

    I currently use Synergyx ( - you can read my review of all existing shopping carts and why Synergyx is my favorite on there).

    Synergyx isn't the most user friendly, but in my opinion it's by far the best out there for internet marketers, and the owner is amazing to work with. You can also pay for customizations if necessary.

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    I haven't used Infusionsoft myself, but I too have heard mixed reports about how good (or bad) it is.

    What I have seen a lot of are 'personalisation code' errors on emails sent via Infusionsoft - and while I appreciate that theses are typically user errors using incorrect tokens when personalising emails (and thus NOT necessarily the fault of the software) for some reason it is this which sticks in my mind!

    While I also once aspired to join the ranks of Dan Kennedy et al, there are many other options out there - and for me I'm more concerned with getting the online business part of my (empire??) up and running - and earning money - first.


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    Have to agree with Rachel, it's being associated with the big hitters and one of my bit hitter clients IS using it but it drives me a little batty sometimes and we've had problems with it and Wishlist playing nice together so it's still a coin toss at this point.

    There are some GREAT things about it but then again, there are some things that can be a PITA, especially when it comes to various integrations.

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    1ShoppingCart has been acting up a lot lately, as far as giving affiliates credit for sales.

    For instance, I looked at one of my affiliates, who'd made $200 in sales - according to her account, and she was credited $0. I wish it was rare, but it's happening more and more. So, we're going through every month manually to catch these. And, the fact that you no longer get support - is not cool.

    I love 1SC for its ease of use, but, I'm not liking the direction that I see it heading.

    Have you thought about Amember? My only main problem with Amember is that its reporting is stinky - and you have to stay on top of upgrades. Other than that, it's solid.



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