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Thread: Getting indexed with squidoo

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    Default My thoughts on Squidoo

    While I'm not a Squidoo expert, it does work as a backlink builder, but it seems to me on my usage that the quality of the link isn't huge. Squidoo has been google slapped before. While their current PR is 8, i don't think that drives down through other pages very much.

    Social Book marking can be a good source of fast indexing, but I have had mixed results.

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    The thing is your lenses can pretty easily gain page rank themselves. I have lenses that are a PR 4. So that's makes them a pretty valuable linking source in my book.

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    One of my lenses was a PR 5 for a while - it recently got bumped to 'nothing' - not sure why - but, it was pr5 for a good while. And I have some others in there that I've had for years and they stay at around pr2 or pr3 pretty much all the time.

    I completely adore using Squidoo! And it's a GREAT community, too!

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    Hi Laura,

    I am also new in Squidoo, started doing 3 weeks ago after reading posts from Jackie Lee Christmas Blueprint. So far I have never encounter indexing issues. Maybe there might be something in your lens that is unable to index.

    Try to ping your lens at and see after one or two days. It should index if no there is no issue. Hope the best.
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    I never knew that you could ping your lens using pingomatic. That's excellent news. I've been having the same problem with one of my lenses so this was a good thread for me.

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    Hi Laura,

    I've been using Squidoo for a while now and found that by linking to my lenses with EZArticles, my blog and pinging the lenses I can usually get them indexed.

    It does seem to happen in spurts, though.


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