Hi there,
Firstly I am a newbie (ish so sorry if it seems silly) I have picked the niche I would like to do an affiliate site about. I want to create (due to my interest and knowledge) a website on womens fitness/nutrition. I chose it to be aimed at women just because I can relate and believe there is a market and afer some keyword research it seems to confirm this however here is where I would really like some things clarifying if you know the answers…

1)When doing keyword research there is limited keywords (but enough) for fitness (or other related words) that have the word women(s) in there too, couple of main ones are ‘womens fitness’ and ‘womens exercise’ but there are of course MANY searches for fitness/exercise/nutrition etc without the word women. Now I of course know I can use other fitness related words to drive the traffic too but as my site is aimed at women does this not make disappointing if say a guy lands on my site on a fitness related longtail keyword search only to find it is aimed at women?? Is it a bad idea to aim just to the ‘women niche’ if it means having traffic click away when they arrive at my site-though by the way I really don’t have a problem with men at my website!
2)What about keyword misspellings (when people have searched at google and mispelled maybe a common word)do you just ignore them as you cant write a page/post mispelled just to get that traffic can you?
3)Is there a limit on the minium amount of daily searches you should consider when choosing keywords for writing a page/post/SEO on? Ie if it only had say 5 searches a day but had a few similar keywords that might make it add to say 50 searches a day is it worth it?
4)Can you blend 2 or 3 longtail keyword phrases in the same post so maybe you cover your main longtail keyword (and the variations within that) and then also catch longtail keywords that do not have as many searches but is quite closely related to your main topic/longtail keyword.
5)Any feedback on my site idea would be appreciated my intention is to create great content and then have affiliate products ie: vitamins/supp and some fitness products ie: trends from fitness world….aimed at helping women to stay fit or get fit and have fun!

Any comments/feedback on my niche idea and the questions would be greatly appreciated…have a nice day
oh and thank you