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Thread: Website doing crazy things, need help

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    Default Website doing crazy things, need help

    My website will not load correctly on IE. It's OK on Firefox, Flock and Chrome, but only displays header on IE. I remember doing an update to wordpress and that might be the problem. It's possible I may have deleted a file/folder that IE needs to load my page.
    Been through the support at Hostgator and they told me I would need a developer to fix the problem. I've tried changing themes and updated all my plug-ins.
    I'm hoping someone has an idea out there so I don't have to scrap things and start over, seeing how I have little experience dealing with code. Here's the link:

    Thanks for the help!

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    You could be missing some files or need some compatibility coding but while I'm familiar with coding it's not my area of expertise (and not my fav thing to do). I have a web guy who takes care of everything I break, or don't want to fool with. If you need a developer to help you, you can reach him on Twitter @octane Tell him areak sent you. I have no idea what the prob is but if you have to hire someone, I'd DEF go with him. He's AMAZING and always fixes my probs PERFECTLY and FAST. I would think he could fix your problem at a reasonable price, you can always ask him and he'll tell you what the charge would be. He'll get back with you quick.

    Good luck =)

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    Looks great on my Mac.

    For coding.
    Go to any web site like my blog or clicknewz and right click and view source.
    there is a section of code that has if IE blah blah
    Then go and look at your code and see if it has it.
    Also be sure you have updated to the latest WP.
    Check if you theme is supported on the version of WP you are using at the place you go it like at
    If all else fails and it worked before and you have not customized it.
    switch themes.
    delete your theme from the directory and then reinstall it from your HDD as the zip file.
    It may work.
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