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    Anyone have a webcam recommendation? I've been using a LogiTech Quick Connect and the picture quality/clarity is pretty bad. Doesn't even look like it's focused half the time but I know it is. My family back in Florida has had the same experience so it's not my computer. Any suggestions as to whether I should stay with Logitech and just upgrade or switch to another brand? I'm currently using Logitech-Vid software but I assume it is also compatible with other webcam brands too. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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    I like to read the reviews on amazon. I suggested the HP webcam to a few people and they bought it on my affiliate link and did not return it. I have a logitech STX and it seems to work fine and better than the notebook built in cam. The newer models are in HD and are probably better. I use the built in windows 7 or mac driver for it instead of using the install cd.
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    Clay, appreciate the info very much. I didn't realize you could use anything other than the install cd that comes with the product. Learning new things every day! Thanks again, Sherie


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