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Thread: how to post new blog on twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by PpcJen View Post
    You know, one thing that has hit me recently about the true power of Twitter?

    Your network.

    If you are a good person, and tweet a variety of things about your life, your knowledge, your favorite products, and your business, people will know you as a person, and they'll grow to like you and remember you. Then - when they need something or want to learn something or a friend wants a contact in some industry - who do they go to??

    The people in their Twitter stream!!

    So - there is no direct correlation for me between Tweets and Money. But the overall impact of Twitter on my life and my business has been overwhelmingly positive.

    I know this has been a little off-topic. But it is important - especially when you're new to Twitter. Good luck to you! You sound like you're on the right track.
    Have fun!
    Hey Jen!!
    Absolutely agreed and I've written a couple of blog posts about this. My social networks are crazy powerful, the connections I've made, the buddies I've made, the people who recommend me because they like me. It's far more powerful than a lot of ppl who have 50k followers who have no real clue who they really are!!!

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    get domain name
    get hosting
    get wordpress
    free theme to start

    then once that is done

    register at twitter
    facebook, you tube and gmail in your domain name

    then write ezine articles

    that is what i have in my notes......there was a lot of info and talk in between to explain in depth each category...but i could write it fast enough...not sure I remember it all either...but am going to do it this way.....since it gives me structure and a step by step pattern.
    I can always revise later.

    Good Luck

    keep us posted how you are doing


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