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Thread: My Blog On Blogger - What To Do?

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    Default My Blog On Blogger - What To Do?

    My first blog that I created back in 2004 has been on the Blogger platform but hosting on my own domain.

    As many of you know, they are discontinuing the FTP service next month.

    I am not sure if I should move my blog to their new platform which hosts my blog on the blogger servers and forwards to my site or just move over to Wordpress.

    I don't know what is involved with moving to Wordpress. I have many other Wordpress blogs and prefer Wordpress anyhow.

    What do you suggest?

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    Totally suggest moving to Wordpress however I'm not sure I would move the entire blog over but keep it live on Blogger since it's been around so long. That's actually what Lynn did. She kept her original Blogger blog up and started new at Clicknewz.

    Other than that I would say move the whole thing over to WP but I personally wouldn't stay with Blogger.

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    The basics of importing a Blogger blog into a WordPress installation is very easy. Just log into your new WP Dashboard, go to Tool>Import, click "Blogger" and it walks you through the process of importing your XML data.

    However you'll want to set up your WP permalinks to match those of Blogger so the search engines can still find the pages. And if you have any images with your Blogger entries, they will not be imported (though it will appear so because the will still be hosted at Blogger). You'll need to move and reinsert them all by hand, which can be a bit time consuming. I've had luck using the Search and Replace plugin to save time when doing this.

    Wade Watson

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    Since you've already got it on your own domain, I would suggest moving it over to WordPress. It's not hard at all to import files from the admit section of Wordpress, and they even have an option for importing from Blogger.

    Like Wade mentioned, you'll probably want to make your old links match. That isn't hard with Wordpress, since it gives you the option of setting up your links however you want (for example, if you have it set up on Blogger to show a post as "/catagory/post", you can duplicate that on WordPress).

    However, I just did a big overhaul on Idea Queen moving all the blog files onto the root from /blog. I did a redirect with an .htmacess file, and lost no rankings at all (oh yes, I check traffic and rankings daily!). So if done carefully, you won't lose your rankings.

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    I have really been wanting to convert to Wordpress too! I just am afraid I am going to mess something up.

    When I first created the blog, I used the homepage as moms-blog.htm which should have been like /moms-blog

    If I create a Wordpress blog for this and change the homepages to /moms-blog you think it is going to affect anything? Or maybe I should keep the with a note and link to the new homepage?

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    Well, you'll loose search standing if you change the URL. You might set up a WP install in a folder under mommyenterprises, but I can't tell you offhand how to make the page be named "/moms-blog.htm". Come to think of it, you probably can't do that in WordPress, since it's in PHP. I'll have to stew on that one awhile or, perhaps, someone else has a thought on it.


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    I actually don't want to make the homepage of the blog moms-blog.htm. I did that when I orginally created the blog because I had no clue what I was doing, LOL.

    I just didn't know if that was going to affect the Wordpress import.

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    Now that I have been looking more into it, I have a HUGE problem (well at least I think).

    When I setup my Blogger blog, it asked for the blog filename. I didn't put index.html because I wasn't putting the blog as the home page of the domain.

    For the path, i put WWW

    So right now, all my posts are going like this:

    I never created a separate directory for my blog.

    When I go to setup Wordpress it is going to ask me the same thing. Again, I would need to create a directory because I don't want it overwriting my site.

    Should I just start NEW?

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    I think you should start new and I really wish Lynn was around to tell you exactly why she kept hers as she did on Blogger but she's traveling on business this week. I honestly think you should start a new one and link from the old to the new. Or don't jump into it yet and wait for Lynn's feedback next week.

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    I am really going towards the new blog too. I just wish we would have been gotten notice of this change a long time ago instead of giving us such short notice.

    I am most worried about my feed since I have a TON of subscribers. Would I be able to keep the same feed address for my new blog?


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