1- Make a Questionnaire to get detail information from client about website like targeting keywords.
2- Update client about SEO process, and also explain that how much time it will take to get on Search Engines. Explain the process of SEO in detail, client must have knowledge that SEO cannot be done over night, tell them that getting organic traffic required some serious work and time. Weekly and Monthly reports of your SEO activities helps them to understand your capabilities. Report must be explanatory containing detail view of all activities you have performed.
3- Look for the competitors, if the site is related to e –commerce or services tell the client to run a campaign about discount before his business competitor does that.
4- Use the best analytic s software to get all possible SEO results, like traffic, keywords position, Goals conversions, Hits and most important Page Rank.
Project is successful if the same client comes back to you for another project.