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Thread: Wordpress image alignment help

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    I'm having a problem with my wordpress blog and am hoping someone can help me get unstuck.

    My image doesn't seem to want to change alignment. When I look at it in the edit screen, it appears on the right side, which is where I want it, however, when I save and go look at my blog, it is on the left.

    I've tried clicking on the right alignment in the main edit post screen, and tried putting in the code on the html screen with no success.

    Anyone have any idea what may be going on and how I can fix it?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I've found that some themes will set image alignment such that it overrides the settings you make in the media editor. You might temporarily switch themes and see if does the same thing in that one. Changing a theme's image position setting will take getting into style.css. Since every stylesheet is different, it could take a bit of trial and error code tinkering to change this. If I found my theme was changing image alignment, I'd just switch themes.

    Wade Watson

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    Kathleen -just a couple of questions

    Do you have a fairly up to date version of wordpress? I am pretty green er images and have not had any probs with image alignment or text wrapping.

    Try Wade's suggestion - perhaps it's a theme issue

    do you have tiny mce advanced plugin installed?

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    Newer versions of WordPress require a certain bit of css code in the stylesheet of themes in order for the alignment to work correctly. You can check out the code need here:

    If your theme doesn't have this code in the style.css file, it is very easy to add it.

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    I use edit post, insert image. then go to advanced and click float right and usually add a destination link for the image and also open in new window button. If you post your link I will look at the code of the site too.
    Courtney had a great ideas also.
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    Here's the link: indoor bonsai tree. It's the picture in the first post that I am trying to move.

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    I think the theme CSS overrides the alignment. I found a solution in the WordPress forums (link below). But using it might mess up other image alignments on your blog so you might set up a separate css img class to use for right alignment when you need it.


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