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Thread: Anyone Have an Efficeint Link Building System

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    I've been thinking of simply finding someone on elance. I'd provide the 5000 backlinks sales page in the job description and describe the job as posting 100 links for me within one week; I'll give him/her various keywords and matching URL's.

    What do you think?

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    I have attempted to outsource the link building using the 5000 backlinks package. The problem is as someone mentioned before is the quality of the VA doing the backlinking. I had one spend a good amount of hours and 85% of their comments were deleted because they were irrelelvant to the site they were posted on.

    However, I have had great success with developing backlinks from profiles on the networks listed in the backlink package. So you can have multiple VAs work on different parts. Have one create social profiles with your backlinks which is just basically a tedious process and shouldn't cost you more than $2-3 per hour.

    Then find a more capable VA to do the commenting and backlinking that requires some research and thought.


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