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Thread: Looking for a little help with SEO Analysis

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    I did that and things look just fine. No "|" there anywhere. It's a little perplexing...

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    I've even changed the title and the title saved properly but that darn "|" is still there.

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    cim85 Guest


    Do you know how to alter the HTML coding for your blog? If so, try and edit the "|" from the code. Very frustrating I must say!


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    No I don't know how to edit the code. If I view the page source in Firefox I can see that it's there in the title tag but I don't know how to get to it in my Dashboard.

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    It's not under settings in your blog title box? Maybe copy the title, delete it from the box and past again then save to see if that works.

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    cim85 Guest


    Be very careful with editing your HTML code!!!! Ignore at your own peril.

    In your blog's dashboard there should be a button entitled "Edit HTML" or similar. It should be listed under the "layout" or "customize" tabs. If you can find this edit button, you may be able to delete the darn "|" directly from the code. If you have cpanel access to your blogsite you can also edit via that program. I would not perform any HTML editing until you obtain further advice from this thread. Just tell me if you can find the HTML editing facility.


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    I deleted the title in the general settings, put it back, and saved and still the same problem....

    I can't seem to find a layout or customize tab in my Dashboard. I can access my cpanel if that will work....

    thanks all for the help!

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    After much more browsing....if I go into my Wordpress Dashboard and into the theme editor I only see where I can edit the Stylesheet. I don't see anywhere to edit the HTML. I do see in my cPanel where I can go into the File Manager and I'm assuming I can edit the HTML there. But how do I know where to find the title tag?

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    Hey Tina,

    Try this:

    Go to Settings->All In One SEO

    Fill in the "Home Title" field.

    Save your settings and look at your homepage.

    AIOSEO is responsible for the | separator, and it works nicely for separate Pages, Posts, Tag and Category pages, but the Homepage, by definition, doesn't have a Pagename, Postname, Tagname or Categoryname so AIOSEO just leaves the space in front of | blank.

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    cim85 Guest


    If Henrik's advice doesnt work, access file manager via cpanel and navigate to the public_HTML folder. Open the file entitled index.html using one of the the edit buttons towards the top of the page and you can edit the code in your title page. There is a preview function that will allow you to view your webpage before it goes live onto the web. Make sure you save your changes before exiting the cpanel file manager. Your edited page will go live to the web. Any hassles let me know. Sorry for delayed response as I had to travel into the city today!

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