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    How do I get to see or change my theme's CSS? For some reason the theme I chose didn't change the blog title like it should have. I want to go in and do this manually, but don't know how to go about doing it.


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    Hi Kathleen
    Within your WordPress Dashboard (/wp-admin) click Appearance in the left navigation column > Edit and by default the first page that should display is the stylesheet for the currently active theme.

    If your blog name did not appear, it could be for two reasons:

    1. There is a graphic logo being used in the theme, not text, to display the blog name

    2. If #1 is true, then the blog theme does not contain the proper WordPress template tag to display the blog title. You may need to add this coding manually to the header.php file for the theme.

    If you have any questions once you get into the editor area, you can post here again for help, or try searching over at in the docs area and you can usually find the answer there too.
    Traci Knoppe
    Chronic Beauty Life

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    Thanks Traci,
    Your instructions were clear and easy to follow, I found my way to the css page for the header, and it looked (to my inexperienced eye) that the title tag was there, not sure why it isn't showing up.

    I think since I am so new to all of this, I should just try to find a different theme. It's a shame though because I really liked that one.

    Thanks again,


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