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Thread: Have you ever sold a link?

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    Default Have you ever sold a link?

    Hi everyone,

    I got an email from a Big and Tall company that wants to buy a link from one of my blog posts. How on earth do you sell a link? What is the typical cost? Any tips would be helpful and appreciated.



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    Kimmoy --

    Do they want a link within one of your posts, a new post or a link somewhere else on your blog?

    I've done sponsored blog posts and if they want it within a blog post you could use that as a guide. You could go anywhere from $100 to $500 (or whatever range you pick).

    What you might want to do before suggesting a price, is ask them what budget they have in mind. I will often do that and then set my price accordingly.

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    Thanks for responding Denise; he specifically wanted a link from a relevant blog post I did to link to his site. I'll have to ask about their budget and what their expectations are to get some clarity.

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    i haven't. but if you are successful maybe you can post it here to help others who also want to sell links.

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    Hey everyone,

    I couldn't find any solid data on selling links, prices were very low to extremeley high. It also seems like there are tons of text linking agencies (some questionable) and I didn't feel like wasting time trying to learn that business model.

    I remember listening to one of Lynn's interviews and she mentioned sometimes she would just ask the blogosphere to do a review for a $10 fee. So I charged the guy $15 for the link even though I didn't do a review and he was more than happy; Win-win deal in my book lol.

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    I guess this is too late to help, Kimmoy, but I think you could've gotten a better deal.

    Two years ago I was contacted by a couple of businesses requesting paid links from my website. (It's not a blog, but has decent rankings and traffic.) The requested anchor text didn't include their company/website names -- both wanted anchor text (such as "job search") that I was already using within an existing article.

    So I figured why not, and asked what they were willing to pay. Both paid me $50 per month.

    I've read in a few places that Google doesn't like paid links, but I don't know if that's true, and I didn't do any analyses to see if my rankings suffered while I had the paid links.

    When the economy got worse, both companies cut back on their expenses and eliminated the paid links, so I don't have any on that site now. (I haven't gone looking for any.)

    It was nice while it lasted, though!

    Since the economy is still rotten, maybe $10 is a good rate these days.

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    I sold a link before. I got paid $25.00 for one month. I was excited about that, because it was the first time someone had ever contacted me before about that. I also have made sells using

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    I have never done this, but did come across a blog post the other day about it. It suggested negotiating by your pagerank: pagerank 1 = $100/year, pagerank 2 = $200/year, and so on.

    It did mention the google wishwash and also advised against selling permanent links (why? I don't know, they didn't explain that part).

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    It really all comes down to how much the buyer is willing to pay. From some of the link prices I have viewed lately $15 is not a bad deal.

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    Ok here we go again...another niche related site wants to purchase a link from my site. So do I go the monthly route this time around or one flat fee?


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