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    I've been doing some blog commenting on blogs that have ComLuv. I was under the assumption that if I registered my blog with ComLuv that I could make comments using the URL of any of my last 10 posts.

    I'm finding that I can only post a comment with my home page URL. If I try to post otherwise the comment is not accepted - my screen just goes blank when I try to submit the comment. So I've found plenty of niche related blogs but can't make comments on different pages of my blog which seems a little unproductive.

    Wondering if I'm doing something wrong. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Once you've typed in your website address and move on to the actual comment box you'll notice that ComLuv shows the title of your latest post just below the comment box.

    There should also be a little arrow, and when you click that ComLuv will show the list of previous blog posts and you can select a post from that.

    Hope this is what you were looking for (and not what you already tried)

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    That's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks Henrik!

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